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Flight Turbine Engine Component Repair & Overhaul  

AERO Component Repair, LLC™ is an FAA- and EASA-Certified Repair Station, as we have the technology and tools to repair flight engine hardware. We hold more than 20 DER repairs on the Pratt & Whitney™ PT6 Engine.

The front compressor stub shaft is another application in which we have DER repairs that we use threaded inserts for to restore the balance weight of the hole threads. We can also restore key washer holes to overhaul manual dimensions, which can prevent you from having to scrap the stub shafts.

 Popular Repairs and Parts

We can perform a wide range of popular repairs, but what sets AERO Component Repair, LLC™ apart from our competitors is our DER repairs. This is a strictly controlled and highly technical market that we have complied with very well. In addition to the repairs mentioned above, we can also repair RGB housings, gas generator cases, oil pump housings, and AGB housings.

We engage in these substantial repairs to save our customers money, which makes us a leader in our industry. Parts are returned to service without having to buy new ones, making our service a cost-effective solution. We take the cost-effectiveness even further by performing part repairs and overhauls that are built to last. Our skills, experience, and equipment help prevent premature part replacement.


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AERO Component Repair, LLC™ is your solution for flight turbine engine component repair and overhaul. We have the expertise, equipment, and commitment to ensure your parts are perfect. To learn more, use our form to get a free quote.

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